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Car maintenance in summer

2016-07-21 View:

In summer, direct sunlight, high temperature is easy to make the vehicle interior aging, cracking and fading. In general, car is very necessary, especially just bought a new car, get more attention with explosion-proof membrane.
Attention to air conditioning and refrigeration system
Air conditioning is the use of the most frequent summer car parts, air conditioning with a long time prone to failure. When the owner into the car and found that there is no difference between the open air conditioning with no difference, then it should be checked whether the lack of air conditioning. The shortage of refrigerant is one of the reasons for the failure of air conditioner.
Another important part of air conditioning system is the air conditioner filter, if the air conditioner filter deposited too much dust, not only will affect the filtering effect, but also reduce the amount of air through the suppression of refrigeration performance.
Finally check whether the lack of refrigeration lubricants. In addition, the summer is easy to infect bacteria, it is recommended to do a regular disinfection of the car air conditioning.
Protect the paint
Summer temperatures, sun exposure often, we should pay attention to protect the car paint, regular washing and waxing. If you want to paint your own car to do a more thorough protection work, it is recommended a car coating, paint put on a layer of "crystal protective clothing".
Keep the car clean and tidy.
Hot weather, the car door and closed all day. Easy to breed bacteria, adverse to human body health, at this time, the owners need to regularly to the car wash bath, an indoor cleaning, make driving environment clean.
To prevent puncture
Road surface temperature is high in summer, cars such as the long time running at high pavement, tire pressure increased, then if the tyres have damage or weak place very easy occurrence blowout. Therefore, to always maintain detection, can be appropriate to reduce the tire pressure, or tire change charge and physical performance is more stable and difficult to expansion of helium.

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