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Common sense of oil filter

2016-07-15 View:

Machine filter structure
In general, the filter is by shell, oil inlet, check back valve, filter cavity, bypass valve, filter and the oil export and other parts of.
Work flow
Oil is driven by the engine oil pump, into the oil inlet, due to external pressure and check valve to prevent backflow of oil, the oil must come out from the oil outlet. Check back to nature of the valve, is a large rubber pad, mainly in order to avoid filter installed in engine upper part or the lateral part of. Engine oil backflow, that the engine starts the moment short of oil. Oil over the oil into the mouth, is the filter paper cavity. Through the filter chamber filter from the outside to the center pipe from the outlet into the engine internal lubrication.
And after the filter paper is blocked, the failure of the filter, the oil is no longer through the filter, pressure increases will open the bypass valve, dirty oil will enter the engine to continue to carry out lubrication. At this time, due to the carrying of impurities in the oil, into the engine, where the metal debris or large particles of solid will be on the engine can not reverse the permanent damage.
And the service life of the filter is also related to the oil quality, atmospheric particles, driving habits, vehicle materials, parts and other factors.
Present problem
Currently available on the market has the following two kinds of defects generally exist:
1 in 60% oil can only eliminate impurities, filtration efficiency is low
This is due to the existing oil filter, is to rely on a single filter cartridge filter out of harmful impurities in the oil filter, the filter paper, the smaller the filter effect is better, but the worse the ability of oil. In order to solve the same filter paper on the microporous filter can not only remove the impurities of the smallest particles, but also to provide sufficient amount of engine oil can also be the resulting micro pores through this contradiction. The filter branch of the national internal combustion engine industry association, the oil filter filtration efficiency ISO4548 International Standard Test Method for testing show that: even the best oil filter on the market, also can design to 60% of the impurities in the oil filter ability, which is obtained after a thousand and one times the maximum value of the filter. In actual use, and 40% of harmful impurities, cannot be filter paper filter, in 40% of the impurities of the, due to the ferromagnetic impurities relatively small and hard, so the ferromagnetic impurities mostly, it to engine damage is the largest.
2 under the special condition of filtration efficiency is zero
The use of existing oil filter, in the bottom of the filter paper with bypass valve, which is in the design, to considering the engine during cold start oil viscosity or paper filter element is partially blocked or fully clogged to ensure oil smooth cycling back to the engine and design of direct oil flow channel. When the oil in the oil pump pressure bypass valve is opened. At this time by bypass valve cycle back to the engine not only filter paper filter, but also the original has been the paper filter out large particle impurities, the bypass valve again rushed back to the engine, to the engine to bring secondary uninterrupted of wear, so market the use of oil filter, under the special conditions simply to filter, so at this time of the filtration efficiency is zero.

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