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Basic knowledge of fuel filter

2016-07-12 View:

Vehicle with the growth of age, mileage increases, fuel filter for a long period of time, arrived at the certain life cycle, will lead to car speed powerless, increased fuel consumption, increased noise, control performance decreased.
Fuel filter  to choose and pay attention to matters
1, the purchase of goods, please be sure to check the car models, displacement and other information, to ensure that the correct type buy accessories.
2, the fuel filter in large maintenance, general and oil, machine filter, air filter at the same time to replace.
3, the selection of high quality fuel filter, poor quality fuel filter often lead to poor fuel supply, lack of power and even off the car. Impurities are not filtered for a long time, and the oil circuit and fuel injection system will also be damaged.
4, when the feeling of speed is significantly reduced, the engine speed up the bad, when the car is unable to travel, it is possible to think of the fuel filter may have been blocked, need to check in time.

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