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Automatic transmission oil filter maintenance

2016-07-09 View:

In cars daily inspection maintenance process and transmission oil filter is rarely mentioned, unless it has been damaged, affecting the transmission work. Otherwise, the maintenance is easily ignored by them. Because in most cases, the transmission oil filter is not as easy to replace oil, air or fuel filter. In fact, due to the automatic transmission oil, ATF filter is the second assembly for the protection of the device, so it should be kept clean or in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended replacement cycle timely replacement.
Automatic transmission usually uses paper filter, felt filter or filter membrane filter to filter out the dirt in the oil. Asian auto makers prefer to use filter membranes, while European and American manufacturers are more inclined to paper or felt filter.
Some automakers have introduced a long life or maintenance free transmission. The transmission dipstick device, and its normal maintenance, ATF and filter replacement cycle up to 16 000 km/h. But in such as short, stop to walk condition, high temperature and dust four and heavy trailers and other bad driving environment conservative maintenance replacement cycle is only 8 million km / h.
For the ATF filter, we ordinary car owners is cannot judge for yourself it is good or bad performance, unlike oil filter as to follow engine oil replacement, unlike air filter that can oneself take off clean, transmission oil filter can only rely on repair of vascular repair personnel examination showed. It also reminds us that the owner, the basic knowledge of automotive maintenance and repair knowledge, so that the car can also be said in the maintenance of the case, or wait until the parts out of the problem of maintenance, the use of the association will have an impact on the.

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