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What is the air conditioner filter

2016-01-07 View:

Air conditioner filters, commonly known as pollen filter, auto air conditioner filter: filter from the outside into the interior air so that the air to improve the cleanliness and general filtering material is refers to the impurities contained in the air, tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust, the effect of air conditioner filter is to prevent this kind of substances into the air conditioning system to destroy air conditioning system, give the car by personnel with a good air environment, protect the car body health and is to prevent glass atomization.
Classification of air conditioner filters
Air conditioner filters are generally divided into two categories, ordinary type air conditioner filter and activated carbon series air conditioner filter, ordinary type air conditioner filter is generally by a specific environmental protection filter material after processing after folding made, mostly white monolayer. Activated carbon series air conditioner filter is made by the two non manufacturing cloth (cloth) composite intermediate clip made of tiny granular activated carbon activated carbon filter cloth, deep processing into the air conditioner filter. Automotive air conditioner filter, are generally installed in the car side cockpit glass Xia Cang, the owner can also according to their own conditions self replace, because disassembly and operation process of it are very simple; also can be in their own car maintenance sales 4S shop and shop staff to replace.
Ordinary type air conditioner filter can only up dust and particles into the role of inhibition and activated carbon series air conditioner filter, paragraph a short period of time will be able in the air flow resistance through the physical properties of granular activated carbon, adsorption air other small particles and more harmful substances. So, compared to the case, the effect of activated carbon series air conditioner filter is much better than the ordinary filter. Air filter replacement time and cycle generally for the automobile driving 8000-10000 km replacement, can also according to the driving of the external environment, if the environment humidity contrast, all the year round climate is dry, sand should be replaced in advance.

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