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Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioner filter

2016-01-08 View:

In a closed car space for air quality requirements are particularly high, at this time, the air conditioner filter for entering the air filtering effect is particularly important! In order to ensure air quality, we need  air conditioner filter to maintain adequate filtration effect. Therefore,how to keep air conditioner filter cleaning and maintenance is particularly important. So, how to clean and maintenance of air conditioner filter it?
Cleaning method
1 if the filter is dirty, compressed air is used for cleaning up.
2 filter to keep 5 cm (CM), and 500 kPa (Qian Pa) blowing about 2 minutes. If you can not reach the cleaning effect, then ask the dealer to clean.
3. The car air conditioning system is a complex system, the air conditioner filter can be said is the most important air conditioning parts, mainly to complete cleaning of air dust, pollen and bacteria, these are mainly can cause the pollution of the air conditioning system of internal. We in the process of air conditioning refrigeration system maintenance must be for air conditioning cleaner to clear in the round, with air duct cleaning processing, if the air conditioner filter cannot be effectively cleaned, the owner can replace the air filter.
1 check and replace the air conditioner filter according to the maintenance plan. In the area of dusty or traffic congestion, may need to be replaced in advance.
2 if the air vent is weakened filter may be blocked, check the filter, then replace if necessary.
3 in order to prevent damage to the system, please ensure that the installation of the filter, the use of air conditioning system, if not with the filter may damage the system.
4 do not use water to clean the filter.
5 clean or replace the air conditioner filter, must first shut down the air conditioning system.

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