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what is the role of oil filter

2016-01-06 View:

Oil filter has a full flow type and split type. Full flow filter is connected in series between the pump and the main oil channel, it can filter into the main oil all lubricating oil. Shunt type cleaning device and the main oil channel in parallel, only part of the oil filter out of the oil pump.
In the working process of the engine, metal wear debris, dust, high temperature is oxidation product carbon and gelatinous precipitates, water constantly mixed with lubricating oil. The role of the oil filter is to filter out the mechanical impurities and glial, to be clean, and to extend the use of the term. Oil filter should have filtering ability, small flow resistance, long service life and other performance. General lubrication system installed with several different filtering capacity of filter set filter, coarse filter and fine filter device, respectively in parallel or in series in the main oil gallery. (in series with the main oil gallery called full flow filter, engine lubricating oil all after filtered by the filter; parallel with called by-pass filter). The coarse filter is connected in series with the main oil channel, which is the full flow type; the fine filter is connected in parallel with the main oil passage. In modern car engines, there is a set of filters and a full flow type oil filter. The coarse filter is used to filter out the impurities of the particle size of 0.05mm or more, and the fine filter is used to filter out the fine impurities with the particle size of 0.001mm or more.
Technical characteristics of oil filter:
filter, oil filter of filter paper air cleaner than higher, mainly because the oil temperature change varies from 0 to 300 degrees, under severe sudden changes of temperature, concentration of oil also occurred corresponding changes, which will affect the oil filtration flow rate. High quality oil filter paper to be able to change in severe temperature, filter impurities, while ensuring sufficient flow.
The rubber sealing ring: high quality oil filter seal ring is prepared by special rubber, ensure no leakage 100%.
The reflux suppression valve: only high-quality oil filter to have. When the engine is turned off, it can prevent the engine oil filter from becoming dry; when the engine is re ignited, it immediately generates pressure to supply the engine oil to the engine. (also known as the return valve)
The relief valve: only high quality oil filter in have. When the external temperature is reduced to a certain value or when the oil filter exceeds the normal use period, the overflow valve will be opened under the special pressure, so that the filter oil directly into the engine. In spite of this, the impurities in the oil will enter the engine together, but the damage is much smaller than the damage caused by the engine oil. So the relief valve is the key to protect the engine in an emergency. (also known as bypass valve)

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