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The function of diesel filter and inferior filter

2017-11-11 View:

The diesel engine air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, cooling water, these four kinds of filters, commonly known as "four filter". They are responsible for: the engine intake system, lubrication system, cooling water system and combustion system of impurities in the filter.

On the diesel engine performance and the life of the greatest harm is to enter the diesel engine in impurities and pollution. They are the first "killer" of the engine. The filter is the only way to avoid impurities and pollution. With the progress of the engine technology, the filter requirements become higher and higher.

Due to cleaner production enterprises. The original filter is uneven in quality filter of harmful impurities to various substances in the diesel engine. The engine can be in normal working under various working conditions, and can achieve the specified service life.

However, poor quality filter not only can not achieve the above role, but to the engine with a variety of hazards. Common hazards are the following

1. The filter cartridge is made of low price filter paper, because the filter paper has large aperture, poor uniformity and low filtering efficiency, and can not effectively filter harmful impurities in the material entering the engine, thereby causing early abrasion of the engine

2. The use of low quality adhesive, can not be firmly bonded, resulting in the filter bond short circuit; to make a large number of harmful impurities into the engine, will reduce the life of diesel engines

3. To replace ordinary rubber oil resistant rubber. During using, due to internal seal failure, the formation of internal short circuit filter, oil or air that contains impurities, directly into the engine. The early wear of the engine.

4. Oil filter material with thin center tube, the strength is not enough, in the use of the process for the center pipe flat suction filter, plug the circuit damage, resulting in engine lack of lubrication.

5. The filter core, the end cover, the central pipe, the shell and other metal parts, do not carry on the rust prevention treatment, cause the metal corrosion to produce the impurity, causes the filter to become the pollution source

Therefore, when the user ireplace filter, must  chosen carefully.

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