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The replacement of Fuel filter

2017-11-03 View:

The main function of fuel filter is to filter the engine fuel system, including diesel filter,gasoline filter and gas filter.

Why we need to replace the fuel filter ?filter

In addition to the original gasoline impurities, as well as the particles from air during the transportation process, as well as longer time, the increase of the impurity gas, all these things will make filters dirty. If you use filterslongterm, filter filtering effect will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the number of kilometers on the filter needs to be replaced, if you don’t replace the filters or delay the time of replacement, it will affect the life of the engine, and even return to the factory for overhaul.

How long we should replace the fuel filter?

The replacement cycle offuel filteris generally 10,000 km. About the mileagereplacement of specific filter ,please refer to the vehicle owner's manual and the relevant filter replacement instructions. 

Generally, when you largely maintain thecar, fuel filter, oil filter and air filter needs to be replaced together, so as not to affect the normal operation of the engine.

Changing oil filter, fuel filter and air filter regularly is the key to the maintenance of the engine,it can effectively reducetheengine wear and guarantee its service life.

How to replace the fuel filter ?

A good driver is also a good repairman, usually using your hand more often to replace filter, not only can save money but also can understand the structure of the carbetter.

filter1. Disconnect the power
Before replacing the filter, you need to disconnect the vehicle power supply, in order to avoid leaking gasoline at the time of removal.

2. Take out the oil pump assembly
Tearing down the rear seat cushion and the cover on the oil pump, you can take out the oil pump assembly after removing the snap ring.

3. Replacenew fuel filter
Replacing with a new fuel filter after you remove the old one. With new cleaner assembly to replace the corresponding parts of the old filter.

4. Seal
The new fuel filter pump assembly mounted to the fuel tank, coated with lubricating products on the fuel pump gasket, in order to avoid oil or fuel gas leakage. And install a fixing snap ring on the pump.

5. Check for leaks
After completing the above-mentioned filter replacement process,you need to install the oil pipe line interpolation、 fuel pipe and check for leaks by running-up test. You need to reinstall the seal ring if any leaks.

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