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【Meiruier Filter】The relationship between the physical characteristics of paper

2024-04-01 View:

1. Quantify
Quantification in the filter is mainly manifested in the weight and price of the filter. For a filter, the filtration area is certain. Under a certain filter area, the larger the quantity, the heavier the filter paper and the heavier the filter. Because the cost of filter paper accounts for a larger proportion of the cost of the filter, the cost is higher.

2. Thickness
For corrugated cylindrical filters, the thickness of the filter paper can limit the maximum filter area of the filter.

3. Stiffness and break resistance
Stiffness and break resistance indicate the deformation resistance, pressure difference resistance, high stiffness and high break resistance of filter paper, which can show that the durability of the filter is good, but the stiffness is too high and the filter is easy to be brittle, and the filter is easy to be damaged.

4. Resin content
The resin added to the filter paper is to increase the stiffness of the filter paper and the shape of the filter paper processing, which is generally between 10 and 30% according to the use. The resin content is too high, and the resin easily blocks the pore structure of the filter paper.

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