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Positive innovation, focus on personnel training

2017-06-21 View:

Recently, Wuhu County People's Social Council and Anhui Institute of Information Engineering successfully held the exchange of government and enterprise personnel training exchange. There are many people attend this meeting, such as Anhui Xinwu Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, Wuhu County, Xinwu Economic Development Zone more than 20 enterprises Responsible person and college teachers and students.  The meeting is focused on two themes: production and researching. Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Chen Xiaoqian attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Mr Chen introduced a series of technical research and development, talent requirements and personnel training and other basic situation to the representatives in the meeting, and also clarified based on training employment, career development planning, employment Demand, career vision, etc. The atmosphere is good during the meeting. 


 In recent years, we focus on build talent team and strive to create a respect for the atmosphere of talent, establish and improve the improvement of personnel protection measures, and achieved remarkable results. In the future, we will continue to strengthen the cooperation of industry, academia and research.  And to make our hometown more beautiful.

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