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Product related

Air filtration system

Meiruier adopts two-stage filtration scheme on Trucks and buses

The first stage is coarse filtration. Centrifugal separation is realized by blade ring, which is a functional component built in the air filter assembly. The air rotates at a certain speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, after a certain lift, the larger mass particles in the air are thrown to the periphery, and finally deposited in the ash storage tray or dust bag. This kind of centrifugal separation can generally separate 80% mass fraction of particulate matter, greatly extending the service life of the filter element.

The second stage is a high-performance paper filter element. After passing through the coarse filter element, the air mixed with the remaining very fine particles continues to move forward and meets the air filter element. The filter paper, the main component of the filter element, will complete the interception of fine particles. The filter paper adopts advanced composite material technology (in recent years, even nano material composite) with higher filtration efficiency and longer service life, which is a milestone leap of engine air filtration technology.

MRE plastic and new filter element

Technical characteristics of all plastic air filter

Compared with the traditional iron shell air filter, the all plastic air filter is lighter in weight and more in line with the requirements of modern automobile lightweight design; the anti rust performance of the all plastic air filter is good, which can avoid the secondary pollution caused by product corrosion; the installation position of all plastic air filter can be adjusted 360 degrees around the axis, and the same product can be easily assembled in different models, which can better meet the needs of customers.

  • Characteristics of radial seal of Pu air filter

    PU filter element is generally used in plastic air filter. Radial seal refers to the way that PU filter element and air filter shell are sealed by interference fit. The upper end of Pu air filter element is equipped with a multi-stage step guiding installation structure, which can quickly filter the guiding installation size to the radial seal size, and improve the operability of the filter element disassembly and assembly, and ensure the sealing reliability.

  • winding air filter element

    Non-winding structure air filter products are prone to uneven folding distance and filter paper folding phenomenon in the process of use, sometimes resulting in larger area of filter paper can not work. This innovative technology of winding structure solves this problem very skillfully. It sticks the filter paper on the filter paper by winding the wire, fixing the relative position between the folding and folding of the filter paper, so as to ensure that the folding distance of the air filter element is uniform and the strength is more reliable. It effectively overcomes the defect of reducing the effective filtering area caused by the parallel folding of the filter paper, and realizes the full utilization of the filter material of the filter element.