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Cummins change oil filter should take care

2015-09-10 View:

        Cummins engine as the worldwide big brand with good quality, sell well in the market. In order to make it work better, the regular maintenance is necessary. Following is the brief introduction of the maintenance of oil filter.

        For the frequently used cars, we should consider to change oil filter when it drives 7500km. In bad condition, if drives on dusty road frequently, we should change when it drives 5000km. When changing the filter, we should take these points into consideration:
1. Use oil filter spanner to or appropriate tool to romve the without breaking the screw thread of the joint;
2. Check and clean the installing surface, or after installing, it easily cause leakage,  which result in short of oil supply;
3. When install the oil filters, paint a bed of oil on the seal ring to confirm the sealing available, also it can prevent  harming  the seal ring;
4. After engine starts, check the height of surface of lubricating oil. If it is short in oil, you should supply the oil according to the requirement.

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