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Automechanika Buenos Aires 2018

2018-06-27 View:

Exhibition time: November 7-10, 2018 ( every two years)

Organiser: Messe Frankfurt (Argentina) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Venue: La Rural Exhibition Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exhibition Overview:

Automechanika Argentina is one of the largest and most influential auto parts exhibitions in South America. The exhibition is the branch exhibition of Automechanika in Argentina, the world's top auto show. Automechanika Argentina is not only a very competitive platform for auto parts suppliers in the world, but also provides an opportunity for manufacturers of auto service stations to showcase their products. In 2016, the exhibition area exceeded 40,000 square meters, with a total of 322 exhibitors and 27,064 professional visitors. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors and its visitors are mainly from South, North America and Asia.

Argentina is a member of Mercosur and one of the most rapidly developing economic regions in recent years. Its importance in South America makes it of vital importance to the country of this region and the entire world. As an Argentinean traditional industry, the automotive industry has a history of over 60 years. It has a solid development and ranks second in the South American region. The center of Buenos Aires, Cordova, and Santa Fe has formed an important transit and export station in the world. At present, of the 10 vehicles, 6 cars are produced here. Export. The main export destination is Brazil, followed by Mexico, Uruguay and European countries.

Argentina is an economically developed country with a per capita national income of more than 4,000 U.S. dollars and a high level of purchasing power. Its automobile industry is relatively developed in Latin America, and the national automobile ownership is around 6 million vehicles. The import volume of auto and motorcycle accessories, agricultural machinery and motors is very impressive. The main products imported from China are electromechanical products and light industrial consumables. The Argentine government encourages foreign investors to invest in the automotive industry, energy, forestry, and agricultural products. Argentina is one of the members of the economic organization “Southern Common Market” and is one of the fastest-growing economic zones in South America in recent years. Its development has enabled its participation in the United States, Mexico, Uruguay, and France to expand even more. From 1990 to 2000, the region’s investment in the automotive industry was as high as US$6.75 billion. The importance in South America makes it a region with The country and the world as a whole are of vital importance. At present, most spare parts suppliers in the region have international certification standards and a high reputation in the international market.

Range of exhibition:

1. Parts and systems: automotive parts and components, chassis, body, automotive power equipment and electronic systems and other related products

2. Attachments and modifications: automotive accessories and automotive supplies, special equipment, car modification, engine shape optimization design, design improvement, appearance modification and other related products

3. Repair and maintenance: repair station equipment tools, body repair and painting process, maintenance station management

4. IT and management: automotive market management systems and software, automotive testing equipment, car dealership management software and systems, automotive insurance software and systems and other related products.

5. Gas stations and car washes: gas station service and equipment, car washing equipment


Booth No.:1D-48
Date:7th-10 th, Aug. 2018

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