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Welcome to Feria Autoparte 2018

2018-01-29 View:

Feria Autoparte 2018,will be held June 8th -10th at Medellin Plaza Mayor,our booth no. is  406.

The sixth Auto Parts Expo will be held in Medellin Plaza Mayor, Columbia Auto Parts Exhibition professional in Columbia, central and South America as the third largest automobile manufacturer in the automobile industry, the rapid development in recent years, many models, the automobile consumption level diversification. More and more countries have sought to cooperate more closely with the local auto industry through this exhibition. About 170 exhibitors gathered in Maillol square in Medellin. 

Scope of participation:
1. parts and systems: auto parts and components, chassis, body, built-in system, automobile internal and external, driving force, electronic control system components and other related products
2. accessories and modifications: Auto accessories, special devices, auto modification, design improvement, and special automotive products for disabled people.
3., tires and batteries: passenger cars, freight cars, buses, trailers, engineering tires, industrial and agricultural tires, tire repair materials, tire repair equipment, patches, rim, fittings, shells, batteries and other related products.
4. maintenance and maintenance: maintenance station equipment and tools, body repair and spray paint technology, workshop equipment, distribution shop equipment, waste disposal and recovery and other related products
5. IT and management: IT products, vehicle exchanges, insurance, finance, leasing, claims management, vehicle inspection services, dealer management system, distribution point planning and construction, distribution market and other related products.

6. gas station and car wash room: gas station equipment, car maintenance and cleaning and other related products.

Meiruier Booth
Booth no.: 406
Date: June 8-10, 2018

Add:  Medellin Plaza Mayor

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