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Meiruier Filter Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2017 invites you to visit

2017-02-28 View:

2017 Maylasia( Kuala Lumpur) Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2017 willl be held from 23th to 25th of March in Maylasia Kuala Lumpur. Anhui Meiruier filter company booth NO. 2E10. Welcome to visit our booth!

Maylasia Auto Parts and Equippments and Service is held by the  Automechanika German, which is held every two years. It is the one brand exhibition of Automechanika. There are altogether 16countries and almost 250 enterpries that attended last year. It is estimated about 6000 professional spectators. The first five foreigh audience is Singpore, China, Thailand, Korea and Egypt. In 2013, the total amount of import and export reaches to 106.8 billon dollars, which the year to year growth is about 11.9%. 

 Maylasia became the third Asia country that over 100 billon except Japan, Korea and it became the first trade partner of China  in ASEAN. The trade between China and ASEAN occupys about 1/4.


Scope of Exhibits:

1. Parts and components: drive, chassis part, body part, standard parts, car interiors, alternative energy, charging accessories, remanufacturing spare parts

2. Electronics and systems: electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, circuit systems, auxiliary driving systems / vehicle safety, comfort electronic products

3. Supplies and modifications: decoration, car supplies, vehicle modification, design improvement

4. Repair and maintenance: repair station equipment and tools, body repair equipment, painting and corrosion protection, distribution point equipment and management, waste disposal and recycling

5. IT and management: IT products, vehicle exchanges, insurance, finance, car rental services, claims services, vehicle inspection services, dealer planning and construction and marketing services

6. Gas station and car cleaning: gas stations, car cleaning and maintenance

7. Other: scientific research institutions, trade promotion agencies and the media

Meiruier Filter 

Booth NO: 2E10
Date: 23th of March to 25th of March,2017
Add: Maylasia Kuala Lumpur

Meiruier Filter Products 

Oil filter, Fuel filter, Air filter, Eco-friendly element, Filter assembly, Aluminum base, Fuel pump, Air dryer. Welcome to choose!

Anhui Meiruier Filter Co.,Ltd 

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