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To prevent floods, the Meiruier people are in action

2020-07-21 View:

Continuous heavy rain for many days

The flood is urgent

Yesterday at 8:32 am

The National Defense General Order Wangjiaba to open the floodgates

Fields become oceans

Flooded houses and oasis

In order to protect Henan and Jiangsu

Anhui forced to release flood

Meiruier party branch launched action

Organize party members and cadres

Rush to the company's resident flood control line

Visit the flood prevention personnel on the front line

Sending anti-flood supplies and cordial condolences

Life is never easy

There is no years to be quiet

But someone is carrying the weight for you


One mind

There is no overturned mountain

Heart and hands connected

There is no hurdle

The great Anhui

Thanks for giving

The people of the country are always grateful

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