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【Meiruier Filter】Basic maintenance knowledge of fuel filter

2023-05-20 View:

1. Replacement cycle of fuel filter
It is recommended to replace the fuel filter every 10000 km, and the fuel filter inside the fuel tank every 40000 to 80000 km. The maintenance intervals may vary slightly between different models. During major maintenance, the combustion filter is usually replaced at the same time as the engine oil, machine filter, and air filter. The disassembly and replacement of the filter screen is quite complex, and it should not be operated easily by oneself. It needs to be operated and installed by professional personnel in a specialized store.

2. Necessity of replacing fuel filter
Fuel filter can be divided into gasoline filter and diesel filter according to different fuels. Domestic cars mainly use gasoline filters, which are divided into internal and external fuel tanks. With the increase of vehicle age and driving mileage, long-term use of the fuel filter will lead to sluggish acceleration, increased fuel consumption, increased noise and reduced handling performance.

3. Precautions for selecting fuel filter
(1) Before purchasing a product, please be sure to verify the model and displacement of your car to ensure that you can purchase the appropriate type of accessory. You can check the car maintenance manual or use the "self maintenance" function according to the car maintenance worry free website.
(2) During major maintenance, the fuel filter is usually replaced together with the engine oil, engine filter and air filter.
(3) Choose a high-quality fuel filter. Poor fuel filter often leads to poor fuel supply, insufficient power and even flameout. Impurities are not filtered, and over time, the oil circuit and fuel injection system will also be corroded and damaged.
(4) When you feel a significant decrease in vehicle speed, poor engine acceleration, and inability to drive, you should think that the combustion filter may be blocked and need to be checked in a timely manner.

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