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【Meiruier Filter】How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of air filter

2022-11-19 View:

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of air filter:
Function of air filter: there are various foreign matters in the atmosphere, such as leaves, dust, sand, etc. If these foreign matters enter the engine combustion chamber, they will increase the wear of the engine, thus reducing the service life of the engine. Air filter is an automobile part used to filter the air entering the combustion chamber.
Structural difference: genuine air filter has hard plastic reinforcing ribs, which can effectively restrain the deformation of filter paper; At the same time, the filter paper has more folds, which increases the filtering area and improves the filtering efficiency. Counterfeit products adopt an integrated molding structure, without any structural reinforcement measures, and are variable; The filter paper has fewer folds, reducing the filtering efficiency.
The difference in material: the material of both sides of the counterfeit air filter is basically the same, and there are a lot of wool fibers on both sides. More wool fibers on the windward side can "catch" dust, leaves and other debris, improving the filter capacity; However, more wool fibers on the leeward side will only increase the air resistance of the filter. Because, after the air passes through the central filter paper, the "larger" sundries and dust in the air should be filtered completely, and wool fibers are no longer needed to achieve additional filtering functions.

The reason why counterfeit manufacturers use the same material on both sides may be:
1. Reduce production and processing costs.
2. The filtering capacity of the central filter paper is not up to the standard.

Difference on the outer package: The counterfeit air filter is printed with the part number, brand, manufacturer and place of origin, but the part number does not match the part number on the outer package.

The authentic air filter is attached with the relevant production certificate, on which the production date and the seal of the quality inspector are clearly marked. The manufacturer's address, contact information and origin are detailed on the back of the package. In addition, there is a simple installation tutorial diagram on the package, which is quite user-friendly.

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