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【Meiruier Filter】What should the fuel filter be changed?

2022-07-24 View:

The fuel filter needs to be replaced if:
1. If we feel that the power of the car is obviously deteriorated and the speed of the rotation speed is obviously slowed down, we need to check whether the gasoline filter element has been blocked;
2. When the gasoline filter element is blocked, the amount of gasoline passing through the gasoline filter element will be greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient fuel supply pressure and flow;
3. Generally speaking, when refueling at a regular gas station in the city, the replacement cycle of the gasoline filter element is between 10,000 kilometers and 20,000 kilometers;
4. If you often need to run around, and the quality of the gasoline cannot be guaranteed, it is recommended to replace the gasoline filter element once every 10,000 kilometers. The specific replacement time is subject to the maintenance manual that comes with the car.

The fuel filter does not stipulate how often it is required to be replaced, but 4S shops generally recommend replacing it every 40,000 kilometers. Many people have driven 60,000 kilometers without any problems, but after all, prevent problems before they happen.
1. Rapid acceleration is weak and the power drops obviously when the car is running with a large load. The gasoline filter element is slightly blocked, which generally makes the engine oil supply not smooth, resulting in a decrease in engine power;
2. When the engine is idling, the gasoline filter element is moderately blocked, which not only does not make the power of the car worse, but also causes the engine to shake when the car is idling;
3. When it is difficult to start or cannot be started directly, when the gasoline filter is seriously blocked, the car will be difficult to start or even unable to start. Like sometimes need to fire 2-5 times to hit.

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