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Pay tribute to perseverance in high temperature

2022-07-18 View:

July just arrived, and before it started to fall into the ambush, the temperature rose all the way, grabbing the tail of 40 degrees, "Sauna Tian" started the "screen tyrant" mode and swept the entire workshop. Faced with the contradiction between high temperature and production tasks, Mrefilter employees did not shrink back, but took the order as an opportunity to resist high temperature, fight the heat, and maintain production.

When you walk into the Mrefilter factory, you can always "capture" the moving moments of the strugglers. Spraying, gluing, origami... Before getting close to the process, the rolling heat wave rushed to the whole body in an instant, and the sweat would not stop when it stood still. Stamping, stretching, assembling... Sweat soaks the clothes as the body moves.

In the hot weather, there are many Mrefilter people who are sticking to ordinary posts and fighting the high temperature. No matter the cold or the heat, it will not hinder their determination to stick to the front line.

Mrefilter works with tenacious heat tolerance in hot weather. In order to ensure their health, Mrefilter distributes ice water and mung bean soup to employees every day when the hot summer comes, and does a good job in the service of "anti-high temperature and coolness", and sends cool breezes to front-line employees in the hot summer.

At the same time, supplies such as Huoxiangzhengqi water, Fengyou essence, and anti-heat-reducing medicines were also prepared to ensure the prevention of heatstroke.

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