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【Meiruier Filter】The quality of the oil filter is not good, can it be used?

2022-07-15 View:

Generally, it is recommended to use a better oil filter. The oil picks up metal debris, carbon deposits, and other adhesive tape substances, and the filter filters these substances. If the quality of the filter is too poor, these substances will continue to circulate into the engine lubrication system with the oil, so it is necessary to use better. In addition, the price of the machine filter is very low compared to the oil, and there is no need to save on it.

1. The quality of the oil filter element directly affects the use effect of the lubricating oil. The poor quality of the filter element will cause the paint film, coke, sludge and other deposits generated during the lubrication process;
2. Metal chips, etc. leak out and enter the circulation again, causing wear to the lubricating parts;
3. On the other hand, if the dirt enters the circulation again, it will promote the continuous increase of oil deposits, and also cause the filter element to be blocked and the oil supply to be poor.

How often should the oil filter be changed? This is a concern of the majority of car owners. Since car owners do not have professional car maintenance knowledge, some car owners even do not know why the oil filter needs to be replaced. Now, let's take you to understand why you need to replace the oil filter and the replacement cycle. Why should the oil filter be changed regularly? The function of the oil filter is to filter the fuel of the car. Gasoline is refined from crude oil through a complex process, and then transported to various refueling stations through special routes, and finally delivered to the owner's fuel tank. In this process, impurities in gasoline will inevitably enter the fuel tank, and in addition, with the extension of use time, the impurities will also increase. In this way, the filter used to filter the fuel will be dirty, and the filtering effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the oil filter needs to be replaced after the car has driven a certain number of kilometers. If it is not replaced, or the replacement is delayed, it will definitely affect the performance of the car, resulting in poor oil flow, lack of refueling, etc., and finally lead to chronic damage to the engine, or even overhaul of the engine. How often should the oil filter be replaced? The replacement cycle of the car oil filter is generally about 10,000 kilometers. For the best replacement time, please refer to the instructions in the vehicle manual. Usually, the replacement of the fuel filter is carried out during the major maintenance of the car, and it is replaced at the same time as the air filter and the oil filter, which is what we call "three filters" every day.

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