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【Meiruier Filter】What are the consequences of not replacing the diesel filter?

2022-04-08 View:

This recommendation is 20,000 kilometers and needs to be replaced once:
1. If the diesel filter element is not good, the debris in the diesel oil will easily block the small pores in the carburetor, which will make the carburetor work poorly and the combustible mixture becomes thinner;
2. The sundries in the diesel oil enter the fuel injection pump, which is easy to accelerate the wear of the precision couplers and reduce the oil pressure of the pump;
3. If the moisture and colloid in the diesel oil enter the cylinder, it will cause poor combustion of the combustible mixture and reduce the power of the engine.

Symptoms of a blocked diesel filter:
1. When the fuel valve is turned on, the oil supply pressure is insufficient due to insufficient oil supply, and the oil pressure is too low due to the clogging of the diesel filter element. When the diesel filter element is blocked when the engine is running, it may cause insufficient fuel supply;
2. Large and small oil droplets, the large oil droplets are easy to separate through the oil and gas separator, while the suspended oil particles of the small oil droplets must be filtered through the micron glass fiber layer of the oil and gas separation filter element;
3. When the diameter and thickness of the glass fiber are correctly selected, the filter material intercepts, diffuses and aggregates the oil mist in the gas, and the effect is the best;
4. The small oil droplets quickly gather into large oil droplets, which pass through the filter layer under the push of pneumatic and gravity, accumulate at the bottom of the filter element, and then return to the lubrication system through the oil return pipe inlet in the recess at the bottom of the filter element, so that the compressor discharges purer, oil-free compressed air.

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