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【Meiruier Filter】How to identify oil filter

2022-03-29 View:

If the oil is called the "blood" of the engine, then the oil filter can be understood as the "kidney" of the engine. A good filter element can ensure the purity and function of the oil. However, there are many brands of oil filter elements, and the fish and dragons are mixed, so the identification of the pros and cons of oil filter elements is mainly reflected in three aspects:
1. Look at the outer packaging. The outer packaging of brand oil filter elements generally has distinctive brand characteristics, which can reflect the brand image and product quality, and will specify the applicable models of the product in detail. Some even have anti-counterfeiting signs.
2. Look at the filter work. Although the oil filter element does not have much high technology content, but a high-quality filter element, its production process must have strict requirements. Good products have exquisite workmanship, no burrs, and standard threads. The paper filter element is soft in color and full of toughness. Inferior products are not only rough in workmanship, poor in texture and light in weight, but also in paper products with brighter colors and less delicate filter paper.
3. Look at the filter price. The auto parts market is also a market of "you get what you pay for", so good products are generally closely related to price. Taking ordinary iron filter elements as an example, the market retail price of brand filter elements is generally around 40-70 yuan, while the price of inferior products is generally around 20-30 yuan. But many repair shops will "buy it out" when quoting maintenance. This "buy it out" price includes both material costs and labor costs. Therefore, if you encounter this kind of quotation, if you feel that the product is not satisfactory, you can ask for a classified quotation. Filters that are too low-priced are often suspected of inferior products.
Therefore, when maintaining the vehicle, you must pay attention to the price and quality of the oil filter element, and don't underestimate the little money difference, but the effect produced is worlds apart. The point is that you don't experience the side effects of inferior products at all.

In short, the oil filter is a very important safety barrier for the engine. It is also the key to the performance of the oil. If you blindly pursue the quality of oil products and ignore the quality of filter elements, it will produce twice the result with half the effort!

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