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Mrefilter launches a series of activities on Women's Day

2022-03-10 View:

The most beautiful March day in the world, and the spring flowers are blooming and showing new faces. In this beautiful season that breeds infinite vitality, we ushered in the 112th International Women's Day on March 8th. In order to improve the employee's happiness index and have a healthy, harmonious, happy, warm, unforgettable and meaningful festival, Mrefilter launched the Goddess Festival on March 8 with the theme of "Charming Women, Happy Women".

With applause and cheers, the event officially kicked off. The fun activities are divided into 3 events: ring relay race, tug-of-war competition, and dressing relay race, which tested the reaction speed, physical fitness and teamwork spirit of the participants. The employees who participated in the event said that the fun entertainment activities made everyone relax, enhanced their feelings, stimulated enthusiasm, and deeply realized the power of unity and cohesion.

Through this activity, everyone greatly relieved the work pressure, enriched the employees' amateur cultural life, strengthened the unity and cooperation between employees, promoted team cohesion and centripetal force, demonstrated the spirit of employees in the new era, and further promotes the construction of Mrefilter corporate culture.

On the festival day, Mrefilter also presented the warmest and practical holiday gifts to the hard-working female employees, sending everyone a deep love and warmth, and extending the most loyal holiday greetings, so that the staff and workers can spend a happy and peaceful March 8th.

In Mrefilter, female employees account for nearly 60%, and our female workers are present in hard and tiring jobs. Looking back on 2021, the female employees of Mrefilter will not let their men down, fight the epidemic, make great achievements, and hand in satisfactory answers with high fighting spirit. Looking forward to 2022, female employees will continue to hold their heads high, keep their original aspirations, shoulder their mission, make new contributions, and continue to write the chapter of Mrefilter's high-quality development in ordinary positions.

No matter if you are a daughter, wife or mother in life
Every female character deserves to be gently pampered
Wish all women
After the baptism of life
Still not forgetting the original intention and a bright smile
Make dreams come true without fear of the future
Can still live the best and most beautiful self

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