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Equipment renovation to eliminate hidden dangers

2022-06-30 View:

When it comes to the production workshop, some people's first impression is that it is messy, oily, and has nowhere to go. If you still think so now, then you are really OUT. Since the implementation of "6S" management, Merrill has been striving to create standardized production and standardized operations. This is not only a change and breakthrough in the concept, but also the production environment and hardware facilities need to be improved.

With the change of time, the production equipment of the filter will inevitably appear aging and failure to varying degrees. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce potential safety hazards, Merrill conducts comprehensive refurbishment, maintenance and inspection of each equipment.

According to the overall arrangement of the company and the close cooperation of various departments, in order not to affect the production tasks, different equipments are gradually refurbished and refurbished.

Through refurbishment and renovation, the equipment has been refreshed. While avoiding safety risks and ensuring safe production, it also improves production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of employees, and effectively promotes "6S" management.

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