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【Meiruier Filter】Does the fuel filter have to be replaced?

2021-09-03 View:

The fuel filter must be replaced, and the fuel filter must be replaced every 30,000 kilometers in normal use. If the fuel impurity content is large, the driving distance should be shortened accordingly, but generally we recommend replacing it every 20,000 kilometers. For the specific best replacement time, please refer to the instructions on the vehicle user manual.

Introduction to fuel filter:
1. Fuel filter, as the name suggests, is used to filter impurities in automobile fuel, and it is one of the "three filters" we often say. According to the different fuels, it can be divided into gasoline filters and diesel filters, which belong to a kind of wearing parts and need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Generally, the fuel of a private car is mainly gasoline, so the filter is also a gasoline filter.
2. Generally, the replacement of the fuel filter is carried out when the car is undergoing major maintenance, and it is replaced at the same time as the air filter and the oil filter;
3. But in reality, it can be extended appropriately according to the condition of the car engine. Because the current level of gasoline production technology is relatively high, from production to sales are relatively closed, the gasoline is much cleaner, the fuel filter is clogged and rarely occurs, and it is no problem to travel 50,000-60,000 kilometers.

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