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【Meiruier Filter】What is the maintenance three filter

2021-04-26 View:

In car maintenance, the three filters refer to the oil filter element, air conditioning filter element, and air filter element. Generally speaking, there are two indicators for car maintenance standards: time and mileage, whichever comes first is calculated. The first warranty time is mostly about 5000 kilometers, and the subsequent maintenance can be performed according to the actual situation. For cars using mineral oil, maintenance should be done every 5000 kilometers. For vehicles using fully synthetic oil, the maintenance time will be extended. 

Car maintenance items:
1. Wiper blades. The wiper blade is made of plastic, and it is inspected every six months, and it needs to be renewed once a year. Park the car in the shade to extend the life of the wiper.
2. Tires. It is a rubber product and has a specific service life, generally four to five years. If the damage is severe and the tread has cracked, it is recommended to replace it.
3. Brake pads. Every time a car's mileage increases by 20,000 miles, it needs to be checked, and the brake pad thickness is less than six millimeters, and it must be replaced.
4. Brake fluid. It must be maintained once a year.
5. Spark plugs. Different types of spark plugs have different life spans. Generally speaking, most cars use nickel alloy spark plugs, and the total number of kilometers of the vehicle has reached more than 20,000 kilometers, and it is necessary to check.
6. Engine oil. Every six months or 5000 kilometers, whichever comes first. For cars using mineral oil, the oil must be changed every 5,000 kilometers; for cars using synthetic oil, the oil replacement mileage can be extended to 8000-10000 kilometers, and different types of oil should not be mixed.
7. Antifreeze. The maintenance time is 2 years or 40,000 kilometers. Before filling the antifreeze, the engine cooling system must be cleaned. It is forbidden to directly fill the antifreeze mother liquid.
8. Brake fluid. The maintenance time is 2 years or 40,000 kilometers, and it should be replaced according to the original manufacturer's model.
9. Manual transmission oil. The maintenance distance is 40,000 kilometers. After the transmission oil and the oiler plug have cooled down, check the oil level.

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