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Cleaning and maintenance of air filter

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cleaning method
1 do it yourself cleaning filter
Open the front cover, where there is a black square or rectangular box. Then there is a large ventilation tube connected to the throttle. Some of the above is a screw, and some are pressed button. It's easy to open out. What are the general cleaning, blow the dust off it. If it is too dark or with a long time is recommended for re installation, the installation of air cleaner, which will first blow.
2 regular cleaning air filter or replace filter
The car engine parts is very precise, tiny impurities will damage the engine. Therefore, in the air into the cylinder before, must first go through the fine filtration of air filter, can enter the cylinder. The air cleaner is the engine air filter state guardian, good or bad relationship with the service life of the engine. If car use dirty air filter, the engine intake is insufficient, so that the fuel combustion is not complete, leading to engine instability occurred in the declining power, increased fuel consumption phenomenon. Therefore, the car must maintain clean air filter.
In general road conditions, the car driving 7500-8000km must be clean and maintenance of air filter. In the area of sand and dust, the interval should be shortened.

care and maintenance
The function of the air filter is to filter impurities into the air in the cylinder, in order to reduce the wear related parts of the compression system. Engine used on the air filter can be divided into inertial, filter type and comprehensive type three, which according to the filter material are immersed oil can be divided into two types of dry and wet.
Dry maintenance of inertial filter
Dry type air filtering device used by the dust cover, guide plate, dust discharge and suction cup etc., should pay attention to maintenance:
1, regular inspection and cleaning centrifugal dust cover dust discharging holes, remove deflector on the adhesion of dust, but to set in the dust cup of dust container set dust shall not exceed one third of its volume). Should be installed to ensure the connecting rubber gasket seal, no leakage phenomenon, or short circuit of the air flow, reduce the air rotating speed, the dust removal effect is greatly reduced.
2, dust cover, guide self maintain the correct shape, if there is a bump should be timely plastic, so as not to make the air change the original design of the flow and reduce the filtration effect.
3, some drivers to the dust collection cup (or dust collector plate) in the gas, which is not allowed. Because oil is splashed onto the dust discharging port, guide plate and other parts, the parts will ultimately reduce the absorption of dust, filtration separation ability.
Wet maintenance of inertial filter
Wet inertial air filtering device is composed of a central pipe, oil tank and other components, use should pay attention to:
1, regular cleaning and replacement of oil pan. The oil should be moderate viscosity oil. Viscosity is too large, easy to plug the filter in the filter, increase the air intake resistance; viscosity is too small, the oil dust adhesion ability reduce, also splashing oil easy to be drawn into the cylinder to participate in combustion, the formation of carbon.
2, the oil pool of oil surface height should be moderate. The oil should be added to the oil pan on the line between or arrow mark. Oil level is too low, lack of oil, filtration effect is poor; oil too high, too much oil, easy to be sucked into the cylinder combustion and resulted in a flying accident.
Dry filter filter maintenance
Dry type air filtering device is composed of a paper filter and sealing washer etc., in use should pay attention to:
1, regular inspection, the correct cleaning. Remove the dust on the filter paper, soft brush applied along the crease direction filter element brush to dust on the surface of the soil and gently tap the face to dust off. The operation and application of clean cotton cloth or rubber stopper blocked at both ends of filter element, the compressed air engine or pump (pressure shall not exceed 0.2-0.3MPA to prevent damage to the filter paper) from the filter blow air outwards, in a blow to adhere to the filter surface dust.
2, do not use water or diesel, gasoline cleaning paper filter, or filter pore is blocked, increased air resistance; meanwhile diesel easy suction cylinder, caused after overruns "speed".
3, when the filter element is found damaged, filter or upper and lower end faces of Alice uneven, or rubber seal aging deformation, breakage, shall be replaced with new parts.
4, when installed, must pay attention to the binding site of the gasket or seal shall not be missing or wrong, in order to avoid the air circuit. Filter butterfly nuts do not wring too tight, to avoid damaging the filter.Wet filter filter maintenance
This device is mainly composed of metal filter oil filter oil filter, the use should pay attention to:
1, regular use of diesel oil or gasoline and filter the dust on the internet.
2, the first use of oil infiltration filter, waiting for excess oil drop after the assembly. Suit should be cake type filter in the filter disc skeleton cross overlapping alignment, and ensure the filter inside and outside ring seal well, to prevent the short circuit of the air inlet.
Installation and use
Modern automotive engines use paper core of air cleaner and more generally, still have part of the driver of the paper core air filter bias, that the air filter with paper core filtering effect is not good. In fact, the paper core air filter and oil bath air filter has more advantages:
1, the filtration efficiency is up to 99.5% (oil bath air filter 98%), dust transmittance is only 0.1% - 0.3%;
2, compact structure, can be installed in any position, the vehicle parts layout constraints;
3, maintenance of the fuel consumption, but also save a lot of cotton, blankets and metal material;
4, the quality is small, the cost is low.
In to the air filter seal use paper core is key, let not the filtered air from the bypass into the engine cylinder.
1, at the time of installation, between the air cleaner and the air inlet pipe of the engine of both the flange, rubber pipe connection or direct connection must be tight and reliable, to prevent leakage and two end surfaces of the filter must be installation of rubber gaskets. Secure air cleaner housing wing nut can not be screwed too tight, so as not to crush the paper filter.
2, in the maintenance, cleaning paper filter should not be placed in the oil filter paper, otherwise will fail, but also easy to cause runaway accident. Maintenance, use only the vibration method, soft brush to brush the division (along the crease brush) or compressed air purge method attached to remove the filter paper surface dust, dirt. In the part of the coarse filter, the dust in the dust collecting part, the blade and the cyclone pipe should be cleared in time. Even if every time to carefully maintained, filter paper also cannot fully recovered the original performance, the intake resistance will be increased, therefore, generally when the paper filter needs to carry on the maintenance 4 times, it should be replace with a new filter element. If the paper filter appears rupture, perforation or filter paper and end of the cover, and other issues, should be replaced immediately.
3, when in use to prevent about core air filter is wet with rain, because once paper core adsorbed large amounts of water, will greatly increase the intake resistance, shorten the life span. In addition, the paper core air filter can not contact with oil and fire.
4, some vehicle engine equipped with cyclone air filter, filter paper at the end of the plastic cover is dome, the cover of the blade to make air rotation, 80% of the dust under the action of centrifugal force separation, collected in the dust collecting arms, reach the dust on the filter paper for inhalation and dust content of 20%, total filtration efficiency in 99.7%. Therefore, maintenance of cyclone air cleaner, pay attention not to filter on the food dome missing.Quality identification
The role of air filter is filtering into the cylinder in the air suspended particulate matter and to reduce the cylinder and the piston, piston ring wear. The engine works in three kinds of medium, the amount of air is the largest, but also from the atmosphere. If air filter can effectively filter the air suspended particulate matter, to a lesser extent, accelerate the cylinder, piston and piston ring wear, the resulting strain cylinder, shorten the service life of the engine.
Use error
(a) not to seek quality when purchasing
Due to a small number of maintenance personnel do not recognize the importance of air filter, only cheaper, not for quality, free to buy. That fitted with engines will soon appeared abnormal. In particular, many fake and inferior products in the current market, goods than three, carefully choose, always adhere to the quality first principle.
(two) the use of random removal
Engine must be air filter, which is a scientific basis for. However, some drivers but arbitrary air filter removed, the engine directly into the unfiltered air. The truck removed air filter test showed that: after removal of the air filter, engine cylinder wear will increase 8 times, piston wear will be increased by 3 times, and piston ring wear increased 9 times.
(three) maintenance and replacement are not practical
The air filter used in the specification, although the provisions in mileage or working hours as maintenance or replacement of the data. But in fact, the maintenance and replacement cycle of air filter is also related to environmental factors. Often running cars in the environment containing more than the amount of dust and air filter maintenance or replacement cycle should be shorter, and cars in the less the amount of dust in the environment and air filter maintenance or replacement cycle can be appropriately extended. In practical work, many car repair personnel machinery to according to the provisions of the work, and not according to grasp the environmental factors of different flexible, insist on until driving mileage standards and engine work state has obvious abnormalities at the time of the maintenance. Notice, again at this time for maintenance, not only has caused irreparable loss, but also cause greater harm. What is more, some drivers do not know the air cleaner will not fail, as long as the external damage will continue to use.
Identification method
How the working condition of the air filter, when maintenance or replacement, can be identified according to the following method:
Measure the ratio of the gas flow theory and air filter using life and maintenance interval should be required to flow through the filter of gas flow rate and engine. When flow rate is greater than the flow, filter the normal work; when the flow rate is equal to the flow, the filter should be maintained; when the flow rate is lower than the flow, the filter can not continue to use, otherwise the operating condition of the engine will be getting worse, or even can't work.
Practical work when air filter cartridge is suspended particulate plugging into the engine can not meet the required air flow, engine will appear abnormal: such as the roar of nausea, accelerate retardation (intake air quantity is insufficient and the cylinder pressure is not enough); work force (because of the mixed gas is too strong and the incomplete combustion); water temperature is relatively high (into the exhaust stroke is still burning in); and accelerate exhaust smoke thickened.
When these symptoms occur, you can judge for clogged air filter, should be promptly removed for maintenance or replacement of the filter. In the maintenance of air filter elements, should pay attention to the inner and outer surface color changes. The dirt, if the color of the outer surface of the filter paper is clear, and the inner surface and bright when, the filter can continue to use; if the filter paper has lost its surface color or the inner surface of the dark and must be replaced!

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