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【Meiruier Filter】Full flow rotary lubricating oil filter

2024-07-06 View:

Full flow rotary lubricating oil filter

Full flow rotary lubricating oil filter acts to filter mechanical impurities and moisture in lubricating oil. The traditional full-flow filter is connected in series in the main oil passage, and all the circulating lubricating oil of the engine is filtered through the filter. The flow resistance of this lubricating oil filter is generally small, and the filtration accuracy of the filter is not high.

At present, the coordination between the components of the engine is becoming more and more precise, and the lubricating oil filter is required to ensure the supply of lubricating oil at the same time, but also have a high filtration accuracy. The oil filter produced by Merrier Filter Company is one of its, with high filtration accuracy, low flow resistance and long service life.

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