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【Meiruier Filter】Dry filter air filter maintenance

2024-05-23 View:

Dry air filter is composed of paper filter element and sealing gasket, etc., and should be noted in use:

1, regular inspection, correct cleaning. When removing the dust on the paper filter, apply a soft brush to brush the dust on the surface of the filter along the folding direction, and gently tap the end face to make the dust fall off. When performing the above operation, a clean cotton cloth or rubber plug should be used to block both ends of the filter element, and the compressed air machine or pump should blow air from the inside out of the filter element to blow away the dust adhering to the outer surface of the filter element.

2, do not use water or diesel, gasoline to clean the paper filter, otherwise the filter pores are blocked, increasing air resistance; At the same time, diesel oil is easy to inhale the cylinder, resulting in a "flying car" after installation.

3. When it is found that the filter element is damaged, or the upper and lower end faces of the filter element are warped, or the rubber sealing ring is aging and deformed and damaged, it should be replaced with a new part.

4, when installing, pay attention to the gasket or seal ring of the combined parts shall not be leaked or misinstalled, so as to avoid air short circuit. The butterfly nut of the filter element should not be screwed too tightly to prevent the filter element from being damaged.

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