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Mrefilter carried out the theme of Tomb-sweeping activities

2024-04-02 View:

In the Qingming Festival is approaching, in order to promote the spirit of patriotism and deeply remember the revolutionary martyrs, on April 1, the Mrefilter Party branch went to the martyrs' cemetery to carry out Qingming sweeping activities.

The cemetery of the martyrs is solemn and solemn, and the heroic monument stands firm. All party members with respect for the revolutionary martyrs and infinite sorrow, in front of the solemn monument, held a memorial ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, all members offered flowers to the monument of revolutionary martyrs, marched around and paid their respects to the monument, expressing their infinite admiration and deep memory of the martyrs.

When viewing the revolutionary martyrs monument, we listened to the revolutionary martyrs' battle history, sacrifice and dedication of the true story, the cadres involved in the activities were deeply moved, the reliefs on the monument are clearly visible, reminding us at all times of those bloody years, reminding us not to forget history, and more cherish today's happy life.

Spring breeze to send flowers table mourning, green pine drops Cui send deep feeling. Sweeping the revolutionary martyrs monument, not only expressed the profound sorrow for the revolutionary martyrs, but also inspired everyone's patriotic feelings and sense of national responsibility, enhanced every comrade's sense of historical mission and responsibility, in the future work and study should uphold the legacy of the martyrs, hard work, self-improvement, with their own practical actions to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs!

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