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【Meiruier Filter】Wet inertia air filter maintenance

2024-03-28 View:

The wet inertial air filter is composed of a central pipe, oil pool, etc., and should be noted when using the filter:

1, regularly clean the oil pan and replace the oil. When changing oil, the viscosity of the oil should be moderate. The viscosity is too large, easy to block the filter screen, increase the intake resistance; The viscosity is too small, the oil adhesion dust ability is reduced, and the splashed oil is easy to be sucked into the cylinder to participate in combustion, resulting in carbon deposition.

2. The height of the oil level in the oil pool should be moderate. The oil should be added between the upper and lower lines of the oil pan or at the arrow mark. The oil level is too low, the amount of oil is insufficient, and the filtering effect of the filter is poor; The oil level is too high, and the oil is too much, which is easy to be sucked into the cylinder and burned, and can lead to "flying car" accidents.

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