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@Everyone, the Mrefilter Chorus has been established

2021-11-20 View:

In order to implement the construction of corporate culture, enrich the life of the company's employees, show the spirit of the employees, and sing the main theme of the new era, Mrefilter organized a chorus. Attracted more than 20 employees from all departments of the company to sign up, and the first dress rehearsal was held on November 18.

The members of the team were enthusiastic about learning, practiced the chorus "Red Flag Fluttering" attentively, spread the voice of Mrefilter, sang the demeanor of Mrefilter's employees, and made their own contributions to the promotion of Mrefilter's corporate culture.

The choir is a group project that everyone can participate in. Mrefilter has established a cross-departmental and cross-level communication platform through the formation of a choir to promote the development and popularization of the company's culture and art. The establishment of the chorus creates a colorful, healthy and relaxed living atmosphere for the employees; at the same time, it displays the good image of the company and enhances its role as a “culturally strong company”.

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