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Key points of filter maintenance
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The engines of tractors and agricultural vehicles are equipped with air filters, oil filters and diesel filters, commonly known as "three filters". Those filters’work is good or bad, directly affect the working performance and service life of the engine. At present, there are quite a number of drivers who do not carry out the maintenance and maintenance of the "three filters" according to the time and regulations required in the specification, resulting in frequent engine failures. Enter the repair period prematurely. 

1. In addition to maintaining the air filter according to the specified time and operation requirements of the manual, the following points should be noted:
 Diversion gate plate air filter to maintain the deformation, no corrosion, the tilt angle should be 30 to 45 degrees, If too small, the resistance will increase and the intake will be affected, when the air flow is too large, the rotation of the air is weakened and the ability to separate dust decreases. The blade surface shall not paint, to prevent oxidation of particles into the cylinder. The dust discharge direction should be in order to discharge the dust shall prevail.
The ventilation holes shall be cleaned in maintenance ; the dust particles shall not exceed the height of 1 / 3 for the dust - collecting cup ; otherwise , the dust - collecting cup shall be tightly sealed , and the rubber sealing strip shall not be damaged or lost.
The height of the oil surface of the fine filter shall be in accordance with the standard regulations , too high results in engine oil entering cylinder and carbon deposit ,If too low, the filter will be reduced and the wear will be accelerated.
The metal mesh ( wire ) in the fine filter shall be replaced , and the hole or wire diameter of the metal mesh shall only be slightly smaller and cannot be increased , and the filling amount shall not be reduced ; otherwise , the filtering effect will be reduced .
The air inlet pipeline shall be free of air leakage ; the oil change and cleaning shall be carried out in the place where there is no dust or dust ; the blowing screen shall be carried out in a low humidity environment with high pressure air ; the air blowing direction shall be opposite to the direction in which air enters the filter screen ; and when installed , the direction of folding of adjacent screens shall cross each other .

2. Oil filter maintenance points. The oil filter must be required to maintain at regular time, and pay attention to the following points:
Centrifugal oil filter, the maintenance of centrifugal fine filter should pay special attention to the installation after removal and washing:

There shall be no blocking phenomenon .The inspection method is, when the rotor is installed, the rotor is rotated with the hand and the rotor can be freely turned after 2-3 cycles and then stop, that is to say, the rotor is qualified.

You can also install a fine filter in the car, start the engine, run at rated speed for a few minutes, when the oil temperature reaches 70℃and then flameout, at this time outside the shell listening to the rotor continue to rotate, up to 1.5 minutes. That is, the installation is qualified. If the above criteria are not met, the installation is not up to standard, should be reassembled.

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