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Distinguish between true and false of gasoline filter
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Gasoline filter, referred to as the "gas filter". A carburetor type gasoline filter , EFI type filter. The filter element of the gasoline filter normally use paper,  also has the use of nylon cloth and polymer material.


The effect of gasoline filter

Impurities contained in gasoline will damage the engine's fuel injection nozzle, fuel pump, fuel line and other components, affecting the operation of the fuel system. 

The main function of gasoline filter in fuel system filter   impurities, clean fuel to protect the normal work of the engine.

Gasoline filter maintenance cycle

As one of the automobile filters, the gasoline filter belongs to the vulnerable part. 

Most of the engine assembly is, disposable, unpick and wash, paper filter fuel filter, general every 10000 km to be replaced.High quality oil, can also be replaced by a filter 15000-20000 filter. 

Long term use not replaced, will make the filter function weakened, affecting the engine performance.

Distinguish between true and false of gasoline filter

In general, there are several aspects of the gasoline filter:

1. appearance, filter workmanship and filter quality

Inferior gasoline filter, the work is relatively rough, very easy to distinguish between the naked eye. Filter weight is different, because the filter material, inferior gasoline filter filter light general seriously.

2.  filter paper, filter capacity is different

Filter paper, inferior gasoline filter, filter materials used in general is not qualified. Filter can not fully filter impurities, long-term use of these poor filter, will affect the normal operation of the engine fuel system.

3.  life, filter life difference
Poor quality gasoline filter, the use of filter material is poor, the filter is easy to premature damage. In addition, filter filter paper debris easy to enter the gasoline, resulting in clogged oil, gasoline pump damage.

Long term use of low-grade gasoline vehicle filter, increase the engine parts of the wear and tear, affecting the engine life, engine power, fuel consumption increased, increased emissions of harmful substances.

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