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The disadvantage of oil filter
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The three kinds of car filter: oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. Among them, the function of oil filter is to lubriate the oil system.

The instruction of oil filterfilter

Oil filter is referred to as machine filter, to filter impurities in the lubrication system. There are two kinds of oil filter, one is split into oil filter, the other is full flow oil filter. For split into oil filter, it’s in parallel with the main oil road, to filter part of oil. For full on filter, it is connect with oil pump and the main oil passage., to filter all the oil into the filter system.


The working principle for oil filter

Engine, oil filter through the filter element, the oil in the larger impurities are blocked, clean oil into the filter element cavity flows into the cylinder block main oil from the threaded hole, complete oil filtration filter

 Also, part of the filter also has a bypass valve, check valve.

 The role of the bypass valve: When the filter cartridge clogged, the bypass valve opens, oil without filtration directly into the oil path to ensure that the engine is not damaged because no oil lubrication.

Check valve role: to prevent reverse flow of oil out of the filter, ensuring the engine start-up, oil lubrication oil passage in order to protect the engine.


The disadvantage of oil filter

1. Filter efficiency is low, only the oil filter out some impurities

Existing oil filter, paper filter single hole. Microporous filter paper smaller, cleaner filter better, but the oil capacity is poor. So on the same microporous filter, filter element can not effectively filter impurities, long-term use of the filter can cause engine damage.


2. Under certain circumstances, the filter filtering function failure

To prevent engine damage due to lack of lubrication, the bottom of the paper filter cartridge, has a bypass valve. Through the bypass valve through the back of the oil filter can not be filtered, even that has been filtered out of the filter impurities, by-pass valve again rushed back into the engine, resulting in the loss of the filter filtering capabilities, as well as engine secondary wear.

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