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The attention points of maintaining the fuel filter
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 Fuel filter is to filtrate the impurities in the fuel, avoiding blocking the fuel system and reducing the wearing of the auto parts to improve the engine stability. Fuel filter, is not resistant to dirt, which needs to be changed after a certain mileage.

The replacement cycle of fuel filterfilter

Usually, in the owners’ handbook, it will mark the suggested replacement cycle of fuel filter, then it replaces according to the regulated mileage. Sure, the suggested replacement cycle will be different based on the structure, performance and usage. The filter which is installed inside the fuel pipe is outer filter; The filter in fuel pump and fuel tank is internal filter. About the filter in the fuel tank usually is the filter part that needs no maintenance.

Besides, when the filter tube becomes aging and cracking, it needs to replace the filter tube.

The points that need attention when maintaining the fuel filter

1. Loose the clamp device of between the oil path and fuel filter and remove the fuel filter, plug the oil path to avoid the overflowing of the fuel when changing.

Fuel filter, the fuel inflow and outflow is marked up . When installing the fuel filter, it needs to be done according to the direction of the arrow and not do it oppositely.

2. The clamping device the oil path that is used in fixing the rubber tube and fuel filter to reach the sealing effect. When changing filters, it needs to confirm that the clamping device is in the right position. Clamping the joint of tube and filter according to the regulated specification.
3.The imported fuel filter, it usually equips one Pipa shape part, which is used to connect the fuel filter and the oil path. Every one when maintain this kind of fuel filter, it need to replace the sealing gasket timely, it can’t not be used repeatly to avoid the leakage of the fuel.

4. When maintaining the vehicle, if it is the fuel system that needs no maintenance and there is internal filter, it doesn’t need to change fuel pump and filter and so on, or the cost will be too high. 

Only when the engine appears the obvious abnormity, it needs to check and change the internal filters.

5.  Fuel filter, when finishing the maintenance, it needs to equip all the other parts, install the fuel pump fuse.  Making the engine turn a certain cycles when the ignition system is not working until the fuel pressure is normal.

Check the fuel filter and oil path whether there is any leakage. If everything is normal, when the engine operates a few minutes and then check it again to confirm there is no leakage

The maintenance of fuel filter is complicate compared to oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter, it is not easily managed, it needs to pay attention from time to time, avoiding the filter has no effects and lowering the working efficiency.

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