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Happy 10th Anniversary, Happy new year!
2019-01-02 Source:mrefilter.com View:208

On December 31, the 10th Anniversary of Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. and the New Year's Eve 2019 were held at Sunshine Peninsula Hotel. Industry leaders, guests and partners, and hundreds of employees gathered together to celebrate the event!
"Ten years" may be too small to mention . But for Meiruier, it's day and night, bit by bit. Looking back on the past, I am filled with touches and stories. Thank you for your trust and support in Meiruier all the time. Let's work together to create more miracles in the future.

1/Sign in to enter

The party was scheduled to start at 5 pm, but the lobby was already full at 2 pm.

2/Opening dance

3/GM's Speech

The General Manager of MREFILTER Mr.Amoney delivered a speech.

4/Guest's Speech

Our special guest from Bank of Communications delivered a speech and brought us a gift, gold bullion.

5/Wonderful Performance

Sang songs

Chinese Traditional Opera-Huangmei Opera

Jazz Dance《me too》

Musical《People in the Army》

Dance Spun

Opusculum 《Poor and Rich》


Excellent Manager 

Excellent Employees

Employees have been worked for 10 years

7/Lucky Draw

Special prize:50" HD TV


Finally, the Meiruier's family sang a song "Tomorrow will be Better" to bring the party atmosphere to a climax.

So far, Meiruier's 10th Anniversary and New Year's Eve in 2019 have come to a successful conclusion. Thank you for coming!
Ten years of wind and rain, ten years of journey, do not forget the intention when open this company, move forward.
Meiruier finishes 10 years perfectly, in the future we will work together to create brilliant!

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