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Company Culture

During the development, Meiruier develops a unique enterprise culture. Based on the power of enterprise culture, the image of the enterprise improves greatly. With cooperation of all the staff, it creats a strong cohension force.




The image of the culture originates from the thoughts of the staff. The unified thoughts is source of enterprise culture and the power of development. The management culture, product culture, service culture, brand culture of Meiruier are the core of entering the market.

On the innovation of the management, it highlights “ people first”. In the practical action, it promotes staff state positively.It combines administration, management with the thoughts of staff, which show the idea of staff-master. The applied computer provides the latest news and let the managers know the operation of the company from all-around in the shortest time and then make the reasonable management plan. As for the development of products, it reduces the time and improve the production effiency. In the quality management, Meiruier imports senior management people, technical personnel, which promotes the most advanced technology and process to make the the top-qualified products. The international management system”IS09001:2000” is continuly and effectively run, so it promotes the development of brand culture. Meiruier people always think the brand as the image of the enterprise and overall quality. So in the process of manufacturing, sales, service, Meiruier always regard“customers’ concern centered” as the principle. “reactquickly, act immediately” is deeply reflected in all the staff, which make the staff realize their responsibility and commison and participate actively.

Just as Meiruier has the complete management system, systematic network sales, standard market service, so in the fierce competition of the market, it creat the “MEIRUIER BRAND”, which gains the honor of “ Zhejiang Quality letter product” title and they recommend totally.


Meiruier people have high aim, they are not afraid of difficulty, looking far ahead, improving self-cultivation , regarding “revitalizing China, reback to society” as the responsibility and struggle to make the modern enterprise.

The sun is rising up, Meiruier people are following up the era with high spirit and they will surely realize the dream of good reputation in the world, morality for a thousand years”.

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